2013/2014 Season Review

With the recent conclusion to the 2013/2014 racing season it is timely to review the performance of Wizard of the Turf; as can be seen from the graph above a profit in excess of $300 was achieved for the season when Heza Bobby Dazzler clung-on for victory.

Amount Bet: $2225.00

Amount Returned: $2535.00

Total Profit: $310.00

Percentage Profit: 13.93%

In the 2012/2013 season review Wizard stated that "...profit of 9.60% for a year is a very good result; having said that Wizard of the Turf is in no way satisfied with this result and will be endeavouring to do much better in the 2013/2014 racing season."

Wizard was good enough to lift the percentage profit of 9.60% in 2012/2013 to 13.93% in 2013/2014; with any fair-minded analysis it can only be argued that this is a fantastic result. However Wizard will not be resting on his laurels and will again be striving for further improvement and greater profits for 2014/2015.

How does Wizard of the Turf compare with all other media commentators from the newspaper, radio and television worlds??? We will never know for certain as none of them actually publish results of any of their selections! This immediately puts Wizard of the Turf a mile in front of everyone in the media even before they have given you a single selection! You don't need to be Einstein or a Wizard to know that most media commentators would be very lucky to show a profit, let alone anything like season profits of 9.60% and 13.93% which Wizard of the Turf has achieved over the last two seasons.

Even with the outstanding results from The Bets, further profits can be made by combining The Bets with the information contained within Wizard's Early Mail which is published every Thursday afternoon. The Bets for Saturday meetings are posted on the website from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday morning; additional bets will also be posted on the website from time to time during Saturday afternoons, usually no later than 10 minutes before a particular race. The easiest way to ensure you never miss a bet is to follow Wizard of the Turf on Twitter and switch on notifications; you will probably never be aware of late bets if you are not following Wizard on Twitter!